How can I make sure my website communicates what makes my business unique.


Fresh Perspective: Key Strategies to Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Just Another Face in the Crowd

  • Approach your website copy and visuals as an introduction to the real humans behind your company.
  • Share the passion, emotions, and backstory that sparked this business. Convey the "why" to connect with visitors.
  • Weave in specific details, special touches, beloved recipes etc. that make you stand apart from competitors.
  • Focus less on sounding perfectly polished. Be genuine in highlighting what excites you about your offerings.
  • Remember potential customers want to quickly grasp why you are distinctly impressive. Help them understand your uniqueness.
  • Turn your website into a welcoming, charming experience that wants to engage with you in-person.
  • Play up the human/creative spirit at the core of many small businesses. Use your voice to create an emotional connection.

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